Social Intrapreneurship Builder

"There are lots of guys and gals inside established companies who are as innovative and revolutionary as their bootstrapping, soy-sauce-and-rice-subsisting, external entrepreneur counterparts. This is for these brave souls who face a different kind of reality and must practice the art of entrepreneurship inside a company — or intrapreneurship.”

Guy Kawasaki


Social Enterprise Ventures is a Venture Capital Company with focus on social entrepreneurship. We believe social innovation is the wave of the future and critical to any economy in the form of sustainable and scalable relief.

Our experience tells us there are three elements to building of social innovation – youth, businesses and third sector intermediaries. This triple synergy enables a society that is inclusive and provides equal opportunities to all.

We are convinced your organisation can play a critical role in the development of social innovation. This engagement is to assist you in this transformative journey to maximise your CR efforts in a manner that is engaging across the organisation, efficient in terms of resource utilisation and leverages on the very skills that makes your company a leader in Malaysia.


      Limited manpower 

      You want to create new programs but with a small team it is hard to create and execute new ideas. 

      But why conceptualise and implement alone when you have some of the smartest youths working in your company?

      Communicating value

      Conventional CR efforts do not have an impact on the bottom line. So it is often understandably hard to justify new initiatives cost wise.

      But there exists an easy fix: employee development is critical to top management in any farsighted organisation, and our program thus leverages CR dollars to have a bottom line impact.

      Employee engagement

      Do you have trouble mobilising your executives for CR programs because they just seem too busy?

      But we know of a way incentivise your millennials. The solution is to instil a sense of ownership – and watch them make magic.

      "Social intrapreneurs are quickly becoming the most valuable employees at many companies because they are good for the bottom line, good for the brand, and good for staff morale."

      -Ashoka, Forbes Magazine

      Who we work with

      We work on building intrapreneurship with them...


      Proven conceptualisation modules

      2-day social innovation workshop

      From the Lean Startup, Made to Stick to Brain Steering, we know what works and what doesn't. We will help your executives craft creative projects that are relevant to your company. 

      Efficient execution framework

      1-day project management consultation

      From analytics, business process optimisation to scaling: this is our bread and butter. It is not just about training but launching social innovation. 

      Gamification to increase ROI

      1-3 months of validation coaching and mentoring sessions

      Because a company's most important asset is its employees, nurturing talent to be engaged has a definitive impact on the bottom line. We will conduct an internal competition among the proposed ideas for your executives to perfect their projects in their own time for pitching and roll-out.

      Whom we mentor

      We've supported these and other social enterprises...

      Why this works

      1. Drive problem and solution discovery from within

      • Concern: Innovation is either expensive (think, consultants) or limited to existing vendor ideas
      • Answer: Who better to find problems and craft solutions than the people working on the front-line? Utilising proven business principles, we guide participants to creating social solutions relevant to your company.

      2. Execute through bite sized implementation

      • Concern: Ideas conceived may be innovative but if not validated, they may not be ready for execution. Project management is also a major commitment.
      • Answer: We construct a corporate lean startup framework to transform bombastic ideas into digestible chunks, thus increasing the ease of execution and likelihood of success. 

      3. Drive decisions with data 

      • Concern: Like many other corporates, you might not have the data to drive social innovation decisions. This data is usually is time-consuming and expensive to acquire.
      • Answer: We do not expect you to make decisions in the air: by providing you with essential proprietary data, we assist your superstar team to form tangible solutions to real problems.

      How much we charge



      This engagement will be lead by Yusuf Jaffar, Head of Social Enterprise Ventures.

      We will be leveraging the full experience of our network of partners, experts we know and trust.