to join Southeast's first


We are on a mission to build innovative companies by utilising technologies with a validated track record of sustaining, scaling and regionalising impacts. 

This proposal invites sophisticated investors to join a pilot programme for the creation of Southeast Asia's first social venture builder.


Over the past decade, Southeast Asia has experienced an impressive development spurt with an average annual growth rate of 6%. But with the new reality of growth come new problems that call for non-traditional solutions.

Because technology is a trending tool offering answers to some of the most pressing problems, this programme aims to adopt technology-linked business models with proven impacts from around the world.

What is venture building?

Unlike incubators and accelerators, venture builders don’t run competitive programmes that culminates in a Demo Day. Instead, they pull business ideas from within their own network of resources and assign internal teams to develop them.

A venture builder holds equity in the various companies it helps create — but it does so much more than that: it designs business models, raises capital, staffs human resources, works with legal experts, builds products, and runs marketing campaigns during businesses' pre- and post-launch phases.

“Creating a strong business and building a better world are not conflicting goals – they are both essential ingredients for long-term success.”

-  William Clay Ford Jr, Executive Chairman of Ford Motor Company

Why 'social' venture builder?

The innovation this pilot offers is supporting social ventures: by marrying purpose and profit, these enterprises address social and environmental challenges in a way that is financially sustainable — a virtuous cycle that benefits all involved. 

What's in it for you?

Businesses committed to doing good stand out from the crowd because most customers feel good about supporting socially proactive companies. From their commitment to the three Ps (people, planet, profit), businesses also achieve a boost in productivity since employees who know their work has a tangible impact on the lives of others are more likely to go above and beyond. By joining this pilot, your company will become part of making history — generating legacies that people will remember you by. 

How will this work?

We propose a unique 3-step action plan to social venture building.

1. We will adopt proven technologies

We will invest only in financially sustainable innovations with demonstrated impact. This criterion works to eliminate business model, development and operational risks.

2. We will maximise resources

Technology innovators within our portfolio will utilise a common pool of resources. This shared ecosystem works to improve speed and likelihood of success.

3. We will make money work harder

We will take a majority stake in every business built. This model works to enable fast scaling of impact through utilisation of returns generated from one business to support the growth of another.

What we want from you

Proposed programme

Social Venture Builder Fund

Programme objective

To accelerate the development of socially conscious businesses to achieve the highest possible impact.

Target value

RM6 million (secured: RM1.5 million)

Target partners

4 (secured: 1)

Contribution per partner

RM500,000 annually for 3 years

Programme tenure

Closed fund with average investment tenure of seven (7) years.

Investment stage

Investments will be used to finance ideas at the growth stage of development and bring them to new markets.

Industry focus

Key industries of interest are healthcare, education and agriculture.

Investment value


Investment tenure

Investments will have a gestation period of 5-7 years before full repayment/exit.



Social Enterprise Ventures is a venture capital corporation managing Malaysia’s first social impact fund, initiated by myHarapan and focused on youth-led social businesses that exist to solve social problems.


myHarapan is a not-for-profit and non-governmental organisation that supports youth and social projects initiated by Malaysian youths.

MaGIC is a government-supported platform connecting entrepreneurs, innovators, leaders and inventors to solve real world problems.

Mountain Partners Malaysia is a startup incubator that makes great technologies available to people by building disruptive businesses.

Our track record

We walk the talk

Examples of social ventures we have grown

Eats, Shoots & Roots empowers urban communities with the skills and tools to grow their own food. They do this through designing edible gardens, garden programmes and products for communities of all shapes and sizes. Since 2012, Eats, Shoots & Roots has built over a dozen kitchen gardens whose produce are community shared and taught over a thousand urbanites from various backgrounds how to grow edible gardens of their own.

Grub Cycle helps food businesses, companies and individuals to manage their surplus products by selling the products at a cheaper price for the benefit of local communities. Since 2016, Grub Cycle has saved close to a ton of food from being wasted and assisted about two hundred low-income households directly through its homemade produce sourcing and subsidisation programmes. 

Foodabox provides food operators access to cheaper eco-friendly food boxes via food box advertising. By selling advertising spaces on food boxes and using the revenue to defray costs, they are able to help food operators in Malaysia replace the harmful polystyrene food boxes. Foodabox also promotes the usage of reusable lunch boxes as an alternative to polystyrene boxes, adding further to their environmental impact.

For more examples, go here.

Interested in building legacies?

Talk to us I yj@sev.my